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Who does not know the words of wisdom, words of wisdom is a series of words that give a lot of positive value to ourselves. Not only that wise words can make us introspective and always enantiasa live life properly. Lots of variety wise words one is wise words of English. Wisdom comes from the mind of the wise men who already feel the bitter sweetness of life. Word to the wise is made to provide motivation to you so you can learn and know the meaning of life even if you have not experienced it myself.

Indeed, this life can not be separated from the good things that bad nor good, but at least we live this life well and do things wisely Segal. Although only the wise words of English, but a lot of meaning and significance that is in this proverb. Wise words of the English language can also be a motivation and encouragement for your life to be better than the previous kehiduapan. Strong motivation actually comes from within ourselves and extraordinary willingness to change. Not only words of wisdom that could change yourself, but all sorts of things can change and affect you. But it would be futile because real change is to want that emerged from self-consciousness that wants to change to be better than before.

Here are some collection of wise words of English that is easy to understand and meaning in order to motivate and be a word of encouragement to themselves and others around anda.Kata wise English language is the latest collection of wise words and thoughts come from various people wiser who devotes his thinking results in order to motivate one another. With just read the wise words of the English language you'll get a lot of experience of life and you can follow the example and motivation to make yourself to be a useful and best in everything. That was some collection of wise words of English that you can make life motivation.

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Berikan Puisi Pada Orang Yang Disayang

Berikan Puisi Pada Orang Yang Disayang - business improvement, there will be an increased use of resources also support the development and emergence remedy problems in the human environment.

In the construction, natural resources are kompnen yan gpenting since these resources provide for the basic needs of life. In the use of natural realtionship earlier, should the balance of the ecosystem development projects Puisi Ibu this balance can be disrupted, which sometimes could endanger people's lives.

Must find a way out of mutual benefit in a reciprocal relationship between the process of development, resource extraction, and masala an environmental desecration or destruction Puisi Cinta of human life. Because in general.

the development process has consequences for a wider range of human living environment, either directly or as a result of side effects such as reduction of natural resources quantitatively and qualitatively puisi guru biological contamination, chemical contamination, physical disorders and socio-cultural disruption.

Losses and change-perbahan to the environment need to be taken into account, with benefits expected to be obtained from a development project. That is why every effort dala development.

social costs to preserve the environment need to be taken into account, as far as possible not to burden the public interest as a result consumers such development.

some things to consider in making such decisions, among others, is the quality and quantity of natural resources are recognized and required; the effects of the extraction of natural resources including the wealth of biodiversity Puisi Sahabat and the exhaustion of the deposits of natural resources. How can their management whether in traditional or wear.

modern technology, including its financing and the effect Puisi Sedih of the project on the environment to the worsening environment and the possibility to stop the destruction of the environment and calculate costs as well as other alternatives.

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